School Board

The Pastoral School Board is part of the governance structure of the school, assisting the Principal to establish the direction the school will take on any particular matter.  While members are elected from the group of parents, staff and parish members who attend an in-service program, they do not represent any individual or group when engaged in their deliberations but draw upon their experience and shared wisdom to discharge the responsibilities of the Board.  Meetings for this group are held on the second Tuesday of each month.

2018 Membership

Chairperson - Paul Dolan
Secretary -  Elisha Watson
Other Parent members - Parent members - Emma Harry & Amy Holmes 
Staff representative - Steve McCall
Ex-officio members - Marg Pont (Principal) & Fr Graham Gatehouse (Parish Priest)


From time to time, subcommittees or working parties may be formed with additional people co-opted as members, to perform specific tasks. One such committee currently operates -

  • The Tuckshop Subcommittee

Each reports to the Board meeting on their progress at the monthly meetings.