Instrumental Music

An extensive instrumental music program is on offer to students of St Joseph's provided by various private music teachers. While this is a private arrangement between those teachers and the family, lessons are conducted during school time and at the school ensuring ease of access and safety.

Instruments taught include -

  • Strings (violin, viola, cello and double bass)
  • Woodwind
  • Brass
  • Piano
  • Keyboard
  • Guitar
  • Percussion

Three ensembles - Strings Ensemble, Pop Orchestra & a Rock Band - provide these students the opportunity to play together and perform at assemblies, community events and compete at the local eisteddfod.

Instrumental Teachers and Enrolment Forms

Lindsay Macdonald-Clow   Lindsay.jpg

Lindsay is a talented musician and teacher who began his instrumental teaching program, Lindzmuse, in 2006.  If you would like your child to learn any of the following instruments - Woodwind, Keyboard, Piano, Singing, Drum Kit or the Guitar please email Lindsay at or  

Lindsay manages the following teachers.


Brass tuition is currently provided by Matt Gill. 


Band Scholarship

Your child has been part of the Year 4 Instrumental Immersion Program.  We hope your student has enjoyed learning their two instruments.  The instrumental teachers, Genevieve Bodkin-Hunt (flute), Mr Pattri (violin), and myself (Brass) have enjoyed teaching them.  If your child has shown ability on one of those instruments we would like to encourage that ability by offering them a low cost instrumental hire and the opportunity to apply for a part scholarship towards the cost of instrumental lessons at St Joseph's.


Instrumental Rental Agreement 



The Strings Program

Our strings program is headed by an accomplished performer and teacher, Mr Alex Pattri. Alex.jpg
He currently teaches on a Wednesday and a Friday in the St Joseph's Good Samaritan Centre's instrumental room.

If your child is interested in learning the violin, viola, cello or double bass then you may email Alex at or complete the enrolment form below.

Strings Enrolment Form  StringEnrolFormGen.pdfStringEnrolFormGen.pdf


The St Joseph's Band Enrolment Forms

All instrumental Ensembles have a small fee that is added to their school levies once they have enrolled.  The fee is $30 per term and covers the conductors fee, band music and folder.

Instrumental Band Form  InstrumentalBandsGen.pdfInstrumentalBandsGen.pdf

Instrumental Band Form - Musical Year  InstruBandFormMusicalYr.pdfInstruBandFormMusicalYr.pdf

Band Leaders Form BandLeadersForm.pdfBandLeadersForm.pdf


Instrumental Teacher Biographies

Want to know more about teachers? Then click on the link below.

Lindsay LindsayBio (1).pdfLindsayBio (1).pdf

Emily  EmilyCoumbisBio.pdfEmilyCoumbisBio.pdf