Instrumental Music

An extensive instrumental music program is on offer to students of St Joseph's provided by various private music teachers. While this is a private arrangement between those teachers and the family, lessons are conducted during school time and at the school ensuring ease of access and safety.

Instruments taught include -

  • Strings (violin, viola, cello and double bass)
  • Woodwind
  • Brass
  • Piano
  • Keyboard
  • Guitar
  • Percussion

Three ensembles - Strings Ensemble, Pop Orchestra & a Rock Band - provide these students the opportunity to play together and perform at assemblies, community events and compete at the local eisteddfod.

Instrumental Teachers and Enrolment Forms

Lindsay Macdonald-Clow   Lindsay.jpg

Lindsay is a talented musician and teacher who began his instrumental teaching program, Lindzmuse, in 2006.  If you would like your child to learn any of the following instruments - Woodwind, Keyboard, Piano, Singing, Drum Kit or the Guitar please email Lindsay at or  


Band Scholarship

Your child has been part of the Year 4 Instrumental Immersion Program.  We hope your student has enjoyed learning their two instruments.  The instrumental teachers, Genevieve Bodkin-Hunt (flute), Emily Nutt (violin), and Paula Ford-Simpson (Brass) have enjoyed teaching them.  If your child has shown ability on one of those instruments we would like to encourage that ability by offering them a low cost instrumental hire and the opportunity to apply for a part scholarship towards the cost of instrumental lessons at St Joseph's.


Instrumental Rental Agreement 



The Strings Program

​Strings Enrolment Form  StringEnrolFormGen.pdfStringEnrolFormGen.pdf


The St Joseph's Band Enrolment Forms

All instrumental Ensembles have a small fee that is added to their school levies once they have enrolled.  The fee is $30 per term and covers the conductors fee, band music and folder.

Instrumental Band Form  InstrumentalBandsGen.pdfInstrumentalBandsGen.pdf

Instrumental Band Form - Musical Year  InstruBandFormMusicalYr.pdfInstruBandFormMusicalYr.pdf

Band Leaders Form BandLeadersForm.pdfBandLeadersForm.pdf


Instrumental Teacher Biographies

Want to know more about teachers? Then click on the link below.

Lindsay LindsayBio (1).pdfLindsayBio (1).pdf