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“A gre​at library doesn't have to be big or beautiful. It doesn't have to have the best facilities or the most efficient staff or the most users. A great library provides. It is enmeshed in the life of a community in a way that makes it indispensable. A great library is one nobody notices because it is always there, and always has what people need.”
At St Joseph’s Library we are passionate about fostering a love of literature and promoting good reading habits in our students. We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of current resources, services and facilities to support all levels of teaching and learning throughout the school. We offer comprehensive learning programs that are specifically designed to give our students the necessary skills to become information literate in an information rich society.
St Joseph’s Library houses a wide range of resources for both learning and leisure, with texts that meet the needs, interest and reading levels of all who utilise the library. The resources are organised in a way that ensures easy access and assistance is always available when searching for the perfect book, either by the friendly staff or through ‘Olly’, our online search facility.
Children are offered access to the library at St Joseph’s throughout the day including before and after school as well as lunch times where children are offered activities such as board games, construction and art activities, computer games and reading.      
Members of the community are able to access our online library catalogue search facility ‘Oliver’ Oliver
Each year, students at St Joseph’s Primary School, are invited to join in the fun and festivities as we celebrate books throughout Book Week. Activities such as  the promotion and in-house judging of the Australian Book Council’s short listed books, a ‘Fancy Dress’ Parade, Whole School ‘Book Dance’, Rug Reading etc. create an atmosphere of excitement and enjoyment.
St Joseph’s Primary School strongly encourages all students to take up the Premier’s Reading Challenge, where each child is required to read a set number of books over a number of months. For more information visit:
Teams of students from Years 4, 5 & 6 have the opportunity to compete in the St Joseph’s Primary School Reader’s Cup Challenge.  The teams are required to answer a wide range of questions in relation to a number of chosen and pre-read texts. Those who are successful in our school challenge are then eligible to enter the Sunshine Coast Interschool Readers Cup Challenge where St Joseph’s students have proven themselves to be very competitive in past years. 
Year 5 & 6 students are also fortunate to have the opportunity to attend “Voices on the Coast,” an annual event that aspires to “nurture a love of literacy in our young people,”  (Kelly Dunham, Festival Coordinator) through a full day of talks and workshops by established authors, illustrators and poets who entertain, encourage and inspire students.
For more information see: 
St Joseph’s Primary School Library is a state of the art, architecturally designed building with wonderful space and natural light to create an environment conducive to learning. There is a vibrant and lively atmosphere where reading is embraced and everyone is always welcome.


How can I access the library from home? Search the library catalogue using Oliver