Principal's Message

Welcome to St Joseph’s School’s website!

Marg Pont - Principal

St Joseph’s has a strong reputation in the wider community for our focus on both student well being and student achievement. Inclusive education is more than just jargon at this school, rather it is the philosophy that underpins our approach to everyday life. The needs of each student are the starting point of all planning, pedagogy and professional development of staff. While the core business of our school is learning and teaching, we appreciate that this happens best when the child’s well being is given priority and to this end, we work closely with families and in partnership with community organisations.

These are exciting times to be in education yet never has the educational agenda been so complex! As the family has much to compete with in forming the values of children, the Catholic school needs to be ever-attentive to these same competing demands of today’s society. Additionally, the Australian Curriculum, the call for transparency in student standards and the introduction of professional standards for Queensland teachers and principals set the current context for schooling and it is within this framework that St Joseph’s is firmly placed. Yet the distinctive mark of our school is an emphasis on the person of Jesus and his values. In a society where possessions and productivity are held in the highest regard, to lead children to learn of their intrinsic spiritual nature within a Catholic Christian faith remains central.

Upon arrival at any school, one quickly picks up its atmosphere and spirit. The warm hospitality and buzz of purposefulness is immediately evident when walking into Joey’s! Building on a strong tradition of Education with Virtue (School Motto), from enrolment to graduation, students here experience a broad range of educational opportunities that are aimed at preparing them for life. As our Vision Statement says (in part)…..

“….At St Joseph’s School, we strive to have children who, upon leaving our school will be young people who have a positive sense of self, who as a result of their efforts believe they can achieve, and who are seeking to positively contribute to our rapidly changing world.”

You are invited to gain a snapshot of life at our school through your perusal of this website but more importantly, if you seek an education for your child where gospel values are central and best educational practice is pursued, come and meet us.

Marg Pont