Vision Statement


Founded by the Sisters of the Good Samaritan in 1925, St Joseph’s School stands strong in its traditions and history within the parish of Nambour. We draw upon this history to constantly find new ways of nurturing and encouraging each member to seek God, to value the dignity of others and to promote the connectedness that belonging to both family and community offers.


As a Catholic school, St Joseph’s is committed to providing a quality curriculum that nurtures the spiritual, intellectual, physical, social-emotional and creative development of our diverse learners. We value and encourage the different gifts, interests and abilities of our students as we aim to instil in them a zest for learning for life.


St Joseph, the father of Jesus, models the values of commitment, constancy, humility and hard work, all for the good of others. At St Joseph’s School, we strive to have children who, upon leaving our school will be young people who have a positive sense of self, who as a result of their efforts believe they can achieve, and who are seeking to positively contribute to our rapidly changing world.