Traffic Management Plan

Traffic Management Plan updated Aug 2015.pdfTraffic Management Reilly Road Carpark.pdf

 Traffic Management Plan - St Joseph's Nambour - Updated October 2020.pdf

The school’s official entrance is via the Reilly Rd car park, through the school gates and into the Piazza.

Sydney S​treet

  • Sydney St is NOT a pick up / drop off zone. The pedestrian gates at this entrance may be used by families who have parked and walked into the school but are NOT to be used as a pick up zone.
  • Road markings in Sydney St indicate that it is a ‘no standing’ zone so you are breaking the law if you choose to stop on the yellow line.

Willia​​​m Street

  • These gates will remain locked ​and are for maintenance and/or emergency vehicle access only.

Reilly Road car ​parking

  • The car park is one way traffic with a designated entry and exit.
  • To assist the flow of traffic, there are two lanes with a LEFT TURN ONLY (during peak times) on leaving the car park.
  • The area has 39 car parks, one disabled car park, 17 staff car parks, a pedestrian crossing and the school’s drop off / pick up zone.
  • If parking, there are two pedestrian entrances to the school grounds –
1.   at the main school gates (near the drop off / pick up zone) and
2.  via the stairs to the right of the administration building, through the courtyard and up the staircase to the library / terrace.
  • Staff are on duty at the main gates until 3.10pm, at which time remaining students move to the school office to wait for collection.
  • All road rules apply on school property.
  • The top end of the car park (near the Fr Hefferan garden) is for staff use only.

Helpful h​ints:

  • Display your family’s name tag on the passenger sun visor, for ease of recognition by staff.
  • Get students to use the drop off/pick up zones.  There is always a teacher on duty.  Encourage older students to collect younger siblings from classrooms (especially Preps and Year 1s) and proceed to the pick-up zone together.
  • Drivers, please say your goodbyes in the car and keep full attention on the road (especially pedestrians who are using the crossings) as you pull away from the curb. 
  • Staggered arrival times for pick-up are a great idea.
And finally, patience truly is a virtue when picking up and dropping off at school!  Thank you for your exercise of patience and courtesy at all times and for observing the direction of staff on duty.  A friendly word and smile shared goes a long way for everyone! 


​​The following protocols have been developed to provide maximum safety for all children, parents and carers who use the zone.  Adherence to these few simple rules will also assist with more speedy and efficient pick-up and drop-off. 
  • Use the zone like a quick-moving taxi rank. Please remain alert to other vehicles and children in the vicinity.  Follow the directions of staff that are on duty.
  • Stay in the queue and move forward as a space becomes available.
  • Drivers must remain in the car while in the zone; do not leave the car – even momentarily – while it is parked in the zone.  If you need to leave the car, then you must park elsewhere.
  • If you are waiting in the zone prior to the bell, it is essential that your child/ren arrive promptly otherwise the zone will not flow freely. Staff will then ask you to move on and park.
  •  Children must enter and exit from the PASSENGER/FOOTPATH side of the vehicle only.  This is a safety issue.
  •  Children’s school bags & other items need to be with children in the car, not in the boot.  Please do not ask children to get school bags in or out of the boot, nor should adults leave the car to do so.  If you need to carry bags in the boot, please park in a designated parking area rather than use the zones.
  •  Staggering your arrival times will also ease the traffic immediately before and after school.
​Thank you for your attention to these matters.  Your cooperation and patience is appreciated by all.